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achieve your nation’s full digital transformation potential by investing in your workforce.

udacity gives governments the opportunity to bridge the people and skills gap, spur jobs growth, and reach new economic heights.

get ready for the changing jobs landscape.

technology will create 133 million new jobs globally, according to the world economic forum.

udacity is a powerful catalyst for workforce development.

our public and private partnerships deliver government-funded scholarships for our nanodegree programs, designed to upskill and reskill workforces at scale.


measurable impact
74% of students reported a positive career outcome, in a recent survey of nanodegree graduates in the egyptian program.*


programs tailored to specific goals
udacity will design services and curriculum that map to a program's targets, like employing job seekers or increasing "dollars earned" by graduates.


citizens gain job-ready knowledge
our online courses are created by industry leaders for practitioners working in the field and are designed to deliver skill sets that can be applied immediately.

learning trusted by governments around the world

  • United Nations World Food Programme
  • Royal Court Affairs Oman
  • CORI
  • MISK Foundation
  • Egypt Ministry of ICT
  • dubai future foundation
  • Workforce Development Board of Central Ohio
  • MISK Academy
  • world economic forum
  • Abu Dhabi School of government
  • Digital Skills and jobs Coalition
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fueling economic growth in egypt

udacity is partnering with egypt to reskill citizens for high-paid government work like software development. over an 18 month period, the estimated value of wages generated by nanodegree graduates will be over 200 million usd, a 12x return on investment to the egyptian government, according to program estimates.*

"we're bringing the best of silicon valley technology and know-how to our young population to prepare them to compete in the global market. this program is so much more than training; it's about ensuring that graduates improve their livelihoods and, in turn, benefit the economy and transform egypt into a technology hub."

-h.e. dr. amr talaat, egypt's minister of communications and information technology

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driving jobs growth in saudi arabia

the misk academy in saudi arabia came to udacity with an ambitious target: employing 40,000 individuals by 2025. udacity has played an important role in helping misk academy achieve 50% of its goal. by delivering end-to-end nanodegree programs designed to equip learners with job-ready skills, mentoring them through certificate completion, and then preparing them to find jobs, we have positively impacted the careers of 7,209 graduates thus far.

"nothing compares to my experience with udacity courses. these opportunities helped me ace an elite full-time job as a digital marketing lead. i am also working as a session lead with udacity to help new generations of students graduate from nanodegree programs and find proper jobs."

-abdurrahman alshanquiti, udacity student, misk academy, saudi arabia

our programs prepare citizens for emerging technology.

the nanodegree programs consist of a combination of lessons and hands-on projects designed by industry leaders for technology practitioners. our curriculum prepares students to use technological skills in a professional setting. to that end, udacity sources many of our course materials in partnership with top companies like accenture, amazon, bmw, github, ibm, microsoft, nvidia, and uber atg. our nanodegree programs exclusively focus on the most in-demand core and emerging technologies: programming, application development, digital marketing, and data science.

the time to grow your technological economy, develop your workforce, and increase your competitive advantage in the global economy is now.

*on average in a recent survey of nanodegree graduates in the egyptian program.

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